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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Holy crap. I want to cry now thinking about how much I paid for my dress. That is INCREDIBLE!!! And zit cream to boot! What a day :)

you look fantastic. Gorgeous dress. This makes me want to go dress shopping just for the fun of it. :)

That dress is stunning!!!! I love it!

That story is just too insane! Seriously! I can't believe a cheap, GORGEOUS, simple dress basically fell into your lap. At lunch. On a weekday.

That's so awesome! You look so pretty in your dress!!

How very lucky and how very beautiful! I love the dress. Looks like it was made for you! :)
By the way, the person who just added you on Flickr was me (but you may have already figured that out).

I love your dress! Isn't it awesome when you find the one?

I love your dress!! Isn't it great to find the one??

You look glorious! That dress is awesome! I love simple and classy at weddings! You know versus bedazzled and all.

Clearly you and that dress were destined to be together. It is perfect!

I went for a very simple wedding dress, too, so I know all about digging through racks of beads and lace looking for that rare simple-yet-elegant find. It's definitely worth the effort, as you know!

What a gorgeous dress! A thrift store near my work had the same thing going on recently, but it was a big ol' herd of early-90's mishaps, nothing as beautiful as what you scored. I am now trying to think of ways to work the phrase "pit-tit" into my daily usage, by the way...it's too great to pass up!

Also, Chipotle? You had a great day, lady.

That dress is perfect, you look fabulous, and it was even a good deal! For charity!

I am so excited for you! I love a wedding deal and this is one of the best! You look so lovely in the dress and I am with you on loving the simple/classic/buttons up the back. Yay!

That is the most amazing and fortuitous story I have ever read. You have some luck, lady! Congrats!

And also, the dress is beautiful. No pit-tit is a bonus.

It's gorgeous - how awesome! And really, the free Chipotle is icing on the cake:)

Hurray! I love the dress on you, but most of all, I love that you love it. Check that item off the list, lady!

(Plus, who doesn't love a good sale?!)

Wow what a dress. Very nice. Dont worry about needing zit cream. You could be worse like the people on www.popthatzit.com lol

That is super lucky!!

This is the happiest wedding dress story ever!

And it goes without saying how gorgeous you are in this dress.

Oh yes, the pictures! The dress is gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as you. Also, I really am gonna call you Lady Luck from now on. Maybe LL, but it will be some derivation. Think I'm kidding?


Congrats, for real :)

dang. that's lucky! i am starting dress shopping soon and also want to go the simple-but-elegant route, which, huh, who woulda thought, tends to cost MORE than the bedazzled dresses. so happy for you!

AND free chipotle? want to send some of that good luck my way? :)

Congrats Jen! woohoo for looking AWESOME. I hadn't checked your blog for a while (been busy at work doing lots of non-computer stuff) and so happy i checked today-- BECAUSE WHAT A DAY OF ACCOMPLISHMENT! You look fabu! I have a secret question-- does Joel ever look at your blog or do you not care about him seeing your dress?

That is a fantastic story that you will be telling your grandkids one day.

You look fabulous in the dress!

It looks PERFECT. I love the sash to pieces, and I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!

It's beautiful! Congratulations on a STEAL of a totally perfect dress.

Your dress and YOU are absolutely lovely. Pit tit...new phrase for me, love it!

That is terrifically awesome news. Sounds like karma to me.

That is SO awesome, and a beautiful dress!

OMG, I miss so much when I go away!

It is gorgeous and YOU are gorgeous. Best of all, your gown-finding story is so you and so hilarious!!!

Set a date.
And have babies.
Get on it.

Go Jen! That is the best wedding dress story I've ever heard.

One of my mom's friends brags that she got her mother of the bride dress at the Goodwill. It would have cost her $1 but it was half-price day.

Your story is much better.

Oh my, it is BEAUTIFUL!

That is amazing! Good thing you stopped in!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! HOW FRIGGING COOL IS THAT? I looove the dress! It's stunning! I'm so excited for you! What a great story, too! :)

Is that tax deductible? I bet it is. That's even better.

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