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Friday, May 16, 2008


i can't even tell you how fabulous this post was :)

I agree wholeheartedly with Heidi. Also, I love that dress! I think the flip flops will be uber cute with it.

This post was totally worth all of the anticipation. I feel so honored to have been a part of so much of the shopping process! My votes have been cast, and I wait with bated breath for the results.

By the way, I would like to claim "proxy shopper" and "shopping by proxy" before anybody gets wind of it and makes a mint off the phrase. Royalties and all that. :)


Best OPH entry in history, except maybe the one where you got engaged.

No, this one is better.

Lol @ Lauren :)

Also - this post is even more impressive than your shoe buying habits! And I have voted on all accounts, but would like to clarify my last vote - I voted that you return all the black pumps (because who needs pumps when you're a flats kinda gal), but I only agreed with the FIRST half of the statement. I say return them all because you aren't in love with any one of them, and continue the search for the perfect pair. Perfect black pumps ARE hard to find, but they are classic, a staple, every girl needs a pair, and you can keep them for years. I will help look!

And why my fingers typed "n" instead of "l", I have no idea. LAUREL. Geez.

Keep them all!

Wow. Have I told you lately that I love you? This post... well, it damn near made me cry tears of shoe joy.

And those red AT flats with the buckle? I MUST HAVE THEM!!

I was just cooing over your pointy-toed black Bandolino pumps, thinking "I need to get those!"

And then I realized that I already have them.

Oh. My. Gaaash! Seriously? I have read this post two or three times and am seriously in LOVE with your shopping habits. (Ahem, wipe drool off of keyboard, continue typing.)

I think that any shoes you buy you MUST love, and they must feel good on your feet. I am not into buying shoes simply because they are on sale, or gorgeous, or *almost* your size. Only buy/keep shoes that you love. Good luck!


I don’t know if i want to be an enabler but....go to http://www.like.com/shoes#1 . Its pretty much awesome for shoe shopping...u can look by color, style, HEAL HIGHT....call me if u need a tutorial!

And I thought I had a shoe buying problem :)


That is all.

I don't think I bought that many pairs of shoes last year. You've just given me permission to shop more.

I also left the above comment on the post from last Monday and I don't know how to delete it. Ah maybe one day I'll become skilled at this!

ooooh remind me of your address and where your spare key is?

wow, this post just made my day. and i think you should keep all the shoes. i especially love the red flats. so CUTE!

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