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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I loved shopping for wedding venues, too. Once that decision is made, it really lays the foundation for everything else. Tim and I agreed early on that the two things we'd splurge on for our wedding would be the venue and the photographer since the photos would be the best keepsake of our wedding and there's only so much a good photographer can do with an ugly setting. So that's what we did, and it was 100% worth it. Happy hunting!

Yay for venue-shopping! And new mattresses! And duckies!

Please give Max a big kiss for me and a scratch behind the ears. Poor guy.

I love that your wedding planning is so relaxed and fun. It makes me hopeful for my own future! Not that I am engaged, of course, but in the event of such a thing happening, it's nice to know there are other options besides CRAZY PSYCHO BRIDE.

Poor Max. Maybe you should have let him keep the mattress as a cat bed? I mean, you must have whole extra rooms just for your cats, right?

I had no idea mattresses appreciated at such a rate. My investment portfolio is about to diversify!

I am so glad that the venue hunt is not stressing you out. It bodes well for your chances of being a Zen bride, I think!

So... have you set a date yet?


You and the kitties look so comfy in your new bed! I am saving a TON of money by taking my mattress with my to Chicago, but I sort of wish I was getting a new one!

we TOTALLY need to go into business together! I also have sold a used mattress for more than the purchase price (other things too...but the mattress was my biggest profit to date).

I am really jealous of your wedding planning! I want to do it all over again! I definitely didn't visit that many sites though! I did a lot of research online for pricing and number of people the venues could hold, etc. and I probably visited about 3 or 4 places. It was a fun little adventure, but I fell in love pretty quickly with the place we ultimately chose.

Also, with the spending...I did the same thing. You wouldn't believe how many things I justified buying by "it's for the wedding" or "I'll need it to wear on the honeymoon." Yeah. It was bad. You have a checklist on The Knot, right??? Because you must. You simply must. :-)

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