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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Holy cow, that is a huge rat. Also, it's nice to know that I am not the only one taking pictures of dead "wildlife." My co-workers thought I was crazy when I took a picture of the huge bluebird that flew into the glass door.

I can't believe you went outside and posed for a picture of the rat, and then went back inside, got your cat, and posed it for another picture of the rat! Did your neigbors see? That is hilarious.

I saw the rat cake episode of Ace of Cakes the other night. I did not get the Baltimore significance, but now I feel like I can better appreciate it. =)

Holy Rats, Ratman!

Ohmygah. So frightening. I need to look away now. But at least it wasn't baring its teeth at me. Shudder. Hate rodents.

i can't believe you would get THAT close to it.

Holy crap-ola that rat is huge!

I keep thinking of the Rodents Of Unusual Size from Princess Bride. Grossness!

Holy crap! That rat is huge!

And I love ACE OF CAKES!!!!!!!!

If I ever get married I am getting a cake from Duff.

That rat is freakin huge. While there are many rats in NYC, they are half the size of that big boy and like to mostly stay in the subway tracks. I can live with that.

.....yuck. I've never seen a rat and now will seriously question any potential travel plans to Baltimore. Yikes!


Eew. Gross rat. As if "WIRED" didn't already make Baltimore look gritty enuf...

(well. I guess y'all should see how big we grow 'em here in Tennessee...!!)

dude, that is soooo o o oooo o ooo wrong.

ewwwwwwwww that thing is BIG!

Shut the front door, holy hell that is one huge rat!

Oh my god that is FERAL! So gross!

Oh, rodents make my stomach a little queasy peasy.

I think the fact that I just read a book that had a gruesome scene where subway rats ate at human flesh may also increase my barfy factor.



Just had to drop by and say I thought of you this morning while getting dressed. I'm wearing black peep-toe heels, black business pants with a white t and french blue button down (open). It's like the mullet of office wear- business on the bottom, casual on the top. I'm hoping I'm pulling the outfit off at the office right now. :) I need you to bring back MPT- maybe this fall?

YOu are hilarious for photographing your cat next to the rat so we could understand its size. Ha! And also: ew.

I love Ace of Cakes, too! Those people are incredible.

OMG, if a rat kept walking next to me I would have freaked the fuck out. One time I saw something that was either a Chicago city rat or an opossum. I'm still not sure. I'm just glad I live on the third floor and Chicago's rats don't like to climb.

I actually am in the middle of my yummy breakfast, thank you very much for that. I'm sure I'll somehow manage to finish this delicious pumpkin muffin from Panera, but more importantly, HOLY SHIT! I think I would have checked the rat for a pulse before putting Madison in such close proximity, because that thing could have woken up and eaten him. I'm actually pretty sure looking at that thing that it has in fact eaten a cat before or a small child. IT'S HUGE!!!!!! (That's what she said)

Also, dude, you HAVE to have Ace of Cakes do your wedding cake because, seriously, I would be so jealous. Their cakes are unbelievable--I love that show!

GROSS! And also, I love Ace of Cakes.

I have to delurk because, as a former Charm City dweller, there was NOTHING that freaked me out more than the total sauciness of the rats. Eventually, I became desensitized to them, and even resigned to the fact that no matter how much I cleaned, covered my food, and laid down traps, they were just going to continue being little four-legged illegal squatters in our house.

This approach worked fine until my mother came to visit and was joined, in the shower, by a furry friend.

Uh-huh. That is one huge mother.

(I'm finally trying to catch up with my blogroll, in case you wonder why I comment on a post from several weeks ago.)

That is a huge rat! Wow! And a cute cat! Aww!

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