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Thursday, June 05, 2008


OMG you would be so cute driving around on a scooter! I think that should go at the top of your want list.

As for the other stuff, do-it-yourself home improvement is astronomically more affordable than having someone do it for you. I can see kitchen cabinets being a challenge, but how hard could it be to slap some crown moulding up there? I bet you guys could get it done in 1 weekend!

I absolutely agree, by the way, that it's best to do this stuff early and enjoy the fruits of your labors before you sell the house. Every time I think of when we're going to get to the remaining items on our to-do-before-we-sell list I have panicky thoughts of "But if we don't do it before X Date then we won't get to enjoy it! We have to get it done sooner!"

Hey, with a scooter you'd save money on gas!

I am in constant wanting mode too. I think it's a disease. The wanting disease.

I am all over the home projects. We have leaky doors and such too. This weekend it is being remedied with new front door, new garage door, two new sliding doors. AGH. Not like it is going to be closer to 100 than 60 here this weekend. Perfect time to rip out doors and such. BLEH!

I want crown molding too. Surely that's not too bad of a DIY project, right? If you get the fake foam stuff instead of wood? Are the home improvement gods laughing at me?

I totally want a scooter. Of course, they're entirely impractical for 7 months out of the year, but whatever!

BTW, I (finally) added you to my blogroll. Am lazy and forgetful. :)

I totally want a scooter. Of course, they're entirely impractical for 7 months out of the year, but whatever!

BTW, I (finally) added you to my blogroll. Am lazy and forgetful. :)

You sound like me! We are actually starting a kitchen remodel right now, before next year's wedding crunch. We are of the mindset that you may as well enjoy it for a couple years before it adds to your resale value. We are DIYers - and are doing IKEA cabinets which are affordable and come with pretty clear instructions for installing. FWIW, our small kitchen cost less than $1500, including tax and shipping, for the cabinets. Also, check into HD laminate countertops, which look nice but are still cheap.

Next on my list: crown molding in the bedrooms/bathrooms (it's in the LR and kitchen).

That video was freakin funny. I normally dont click through on stuff like that (why? it certainly isn't like I'm against wasting time on the Internet) but knowing your stellar taste in funny stuff, I figured I'd better watch it.

I was right! Or, you were. You know, either way ;)

Also! If you can get a medical doctor or chiropractor to sign something official about you having back problems, you can get quite a bit of $ of your Tempurpedic...I mean, if you HAVE back problems, or you know. Wake up feeling sore and stiff all over.

I am considering that same mini table for my mini apartment!

Home furnishings are EXPENSIVE, even if you stick to IKEA, store of my Scandinavian people. Blah. Cuts into the shoe budget.

Oh honey, I have a bad case of the wants myself lately. I allowed myself to do a little clothing/shoe shopping this spring, and now I want even more things. It like, the more I buy, the more I want to buy.

As for home improvements, I add to the list every single day! We just got a new Home Depot by our house...I love to wander around and fantasize about home improvements.

Also, I'm compiling a list for you of my money-saving wedding ideas! Never fear! The stingy bride will help you save!

I so feel the same way. . . neeeedneedneed cool new stuff. And I would kill for some crown molding. And a scooter, for that matter, except that my husband is paranoid that I'll get myself killed.

I also want a new camera. I was a fancy new one, not just a point and shoot. But I so can't afford it. So I'll end up with a new point and shoot until I win the lottery. Or sell my first manuscript. Which will be this side of NEVER.

i feel your pain. we're talking about the things we want to do to improve our house, the big one being closing in our carport to make a family room. i think we might take out a loan next year and do it once we get our credit cards paid off. i'm with you...i need to win the lottery...there are so many things i want and so little money to buy them with.

Suffering from a case of the WANTS? I hear ya! I want to junk all of our furniture and start anew...but yeah, not gonna happen.

You, however, need to start the Scooter Fund Drive! I can picture you zipping around on it!

Ah yes, a scooter. How great would that be? And you could take a picture of yourself on it with your new schmancy camera! (While also driving it to elope at the courthouse because you'll have no money for a wedding.)

I am with you on the lottery thing. And I would be such a good rich person... generous, discreet, tasteful, not like those jackasses that install a gold-plated bidet or stuff like that...

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