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Thursday, July 24, 2008


I like the Loon video and all...But, wheres the video from the jersey shore party?!

Um, I would have TOTALLY made JG take a picture of me hugging Champ, even though the thought of him existing makes me want to scream. But the sculpture is so cute! He's like Puff the Magic Dragon!

I just read in a little fact booklet that Ben and Jerry, like the real people, wanted to start up a bagle bussiness, but the capital costs were too high, so they went to like a $5 ice cream making class.
I dunno if its true, but funny.
Sounds like a fun trip!!

Kir: that's totally tue about Ben and Jerry. They told us in the tour. Best of all, the $5 correspondence course they took on ice-cream making was from PENN STATE.

see the real thing you missed out was totally cows. :) I grew up in the 802, so it's always amusing to me to hear people be like "VT IS SO PREETTTYYYY OMGOMGOMGOMG" and i'm just like m'eh. it's cold. boring and living there for 18 years blew. But i have a greater appreciation for it now that i've been a city dweller the past 6 years. :) Love the pict0rs

But here is my question, beyond the cheese, the ice cream, the gorgeous scenery, how was the fam?

I think that touring a cheese factory is pretty close to my version of heaven.

That video of you shooting the rifle is both cute and hilarious. Ahh, New England gravel pits.

I love the pics! I have never been anywhere near Vermont, so it's just like looking at pictures from...Thailand? Vietnam? Or anywhere else I've never been and don't know if I'll ever visit. It looks beautiful though, and I gotta say, your evening canoe ride sounds PERFECT.

I think I stopped reading after the cheese tour. Because I LOVE CHEESE! And I got so excited I fell out of my chair.

I lived in Vermont for about 9 months....LOVED IT. Would totally move there if I could eliminate winter and make it a little closer to home.

Oh yes, definitely the cheese. And the Ben and Jerry's. What else is there?

VT is green! My aunt lives in Brattleboro and every time I visit she, her husband and any random friends or neighbors we come across say, "Isn't Vermont BUCOLIC!" They are all addicted to that word.

Vermont looks really pretty in the summer.

I have never been there at all but these pictures make me want to go!

Glad you had fun!

I absolutely love those photos of the bee on the flower, and the lake with the sunset. Stunning.

My sister went to college in Burlington (actually, Colchester) and I visited a couple times. I LOVE VERMONT! So jealous you were there! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE The North. I'm such a Yankee at heart. I miss The North so much.

Damn, I should have read this earlier, as we're close to Vermont and I would have come and stalked you on your hike! Isn't Vermont pretty?

Did you get an ILOVERMONT! bumper sticker?

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