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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I just saw SATC a week ago. I LOVED it too! And who has snakes for pets??? I would have been all "I'll sleep in the hallway. In the next building."

does it tell you how brain dead I am that it took me a good 35 seconds to even recall what happened in the Bklyn Bridge scene and I only saw the movie one week ago? Work is KILLING ME. Also? Snakes as pets? WHY?

Passing out / Progress = same result, so good for you. And who said drinking doesn't help accomplish goals?

I would need to have about nine drinks in order to get so close to a snake, too. EWWWWWW

OMG. I so would not be able to go near that snake. I can't even watch them on tv.
When my uncle was dating my aunt he lived with a roommate who had a pet snake (how is a snake a pet?, but I digress) and kept it in the bathroom. She wouldn't go to the bathroom without my uncle in there to protect her from the caged snake.

my skin is crawling just reading that!

I am so glad that you survived!

Aw, snakes are cute and bendy. Spiders are what you ought to be afraid of! All those legs...(brrrr)

Still, I think wanting to share your sandwich was very brave and showed a lot of progress. Let's hear it for the alcohol, conquerer of all fears!

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