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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Apparently over 1/2 of the bloggers in my reader went to Blogher. And also - apparently the 20s age group was not represented, you know, since out of all the bloggers our age that I read, two went.

Other than that, I made a pie.

Fill you in, you're holding a RIFLE, you fill US in!

Actually, Stephanie, there were tons of 20 somethings at BlogHer. Although, I'm pretty sure I was like one of the only 30 something bloggers WITHOUT children!

You MAY have missed Dr. Horrible. I don't want to say you did for sure, because perhaps you caught it while on vacay? I hope you saw it.

Hm. I think the only eventful part of last week for me was that I did not find Six Flags NJ impressive in the least. And I was scandalized by what people think is appropriate to wear to a theme park. What up, woman in a tight mini skirt, heels, and a tube top? Seriously, I glanced the wrong wary and all of a sudden, my entire frame of view was UNIBOOB. Was that not the type of update you wanted? Oops.

Elise, I missed out on Dr. Horrible and I was here. Is that bad?

I love that Bachelorette shot. I am convinced that cheesy shore parties are the way to go!

Also, are you joining some kind of separatist militia? Because that's what photo #1 reminds me of!

You missed: me stressing out about my move so much that I have been chewing pepto tablets like candy. Psycho!


Ahh, Vermont. The fake New Hampshire.

Kidding! I love VT. And I have a very similar picture of me holding a rifle in its sister state.

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