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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Dear OPH, let me assure you that Breaking Dawn is as awesome as you are hoping for. Maybe even more so. Chris asked me last night what I was reading and as I explained the plot he stared at me like the words were making no sense at all.

Which, come to think of it, is probably close to true. Vampires and teenagers in love?!

I do not have words to express my love for the Twilight series. NO WORDS! It is a sickness that overtakes you! You can borrow my copy of New Moon if you want...not that that helps at this point but I'm all about the gesture. If you want to break down and buy it I'd try target (cheapish) or walmart (evil? yes. cheap? yes). I am going to withhold commenting on Breaking Dawn though...

You are pretty much my lady hero. I didn't know you liked The Historian so much (and I recommended that! Yay me!) I, too, have also gotten sucked into the Twilight books. My inner teen girl has been let out and it is delightful! I think Amazon has New Moon for about $6 and you could totally break your rule for only $6. Right?

Those books are so awesome. And liking Buffy is a requirement to be my friend, so you're pretty much cleared there. I haven't gotten the new one yet and I'm hoping that I get a copy for my birthday because I'm not supposed to spend any money on books right now either... but oh man, I think I'm only going to be able to hold out as long as the weekend.

You are only "Team Edward" all the way because you are still only on Twilight. Give it time.


(Yes, I am always right.)

...I haven't jumped on the Vampire wagon yet. I haven't even started the Vampire train yet. And this Stephanie Meyers chick is practically a home-grown heroine. I am ashamed.


Oh great, so am I gonna like this too?

Yeah, you cannot make a good call about Jacob until at least book three, where he really makes his play for Bella.

These books are good. They are soooo bad, they are good. I love them. I read them all before they were "cool" and I actually stood in line at midnight on Saturday with 169 teeny-boppers to get Breaking Dawn. And despite other people's comments, no one that I've talked to thinks that Breaking Dawn was nearly as good as the first two books and the third book? Not as good as this book. And as for Jacob? It's Edward all the way. Only someone who doesn't believe in true love would root for Jacob. Besides, in Breaking Dawn that gets wrapped up neatly. Whew. I feel strongly about these books I guess :) Anyway, have fun and if you want to chat about the books, drop me an email.

Yeah, Edward is pretty much the most smokingest icy cold vampire ever. I'm getting ready to start Breaking Dawn, but am afraid I'll get nothing else done for the next six hours until it's done. They're really so awful, but so incredibly great! Also, Amazon has the paperback of New Moon for about $6... I'm just saying, it's not a HUGE chunk of change.

Gah! You can't be Team Edward until you at least read New Moon!

Also, I'm completely addicted to Buffy. It might be the best show ever.

I remember the Harry Potter craze and all these adults reading the books and I was like "you're all a bunch of idiots." And then I bought the first one for like $2 at Target and was HOOKED. And now I am going out this weekend to buy the Twilight books because everyone can't stop talking about them and I have to see what the big deal is.

I have only read Twilight, but I am hooked! (However, I will be skipping your posts on the sequels... for now.)

The love story, I feel a little "meh" about - Edward is a wee bit creepy, no? - but I LOVE the vampires!

So, I kinda skipped over your Twilight posts at the time because I didn't want spoilers. But now that I have read the books, I am back for the Twilight posts and i have to say -- I know exactly what you are saying. What IS it about vampires that makes a story so damn compelling? I have always had a special place in my heart for vampire stores, and this series is just plain amazing. Not only are there vampires, but there are HOTT vampires. Seriously. Am in love with Edward.

On to the next post...

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