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Friday, August 01, 2008


Happy Weekend to you! I demand that you spend way too much time in your pajamas, watch a ridiculous amount of Tivo on the couch, and not care one bit about how you look. Maybe even forego showering for a day or so, JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Yay! Enjoy being home!

Aw, I hope you enjoyed your weekend :) Also, I am totally craving a caesar salad now.

I order Caesar salad a lot in room service. Or a club sammich. My DVR broke a few weeks ago and I was so confused. You mean I can only go to the bathroom during commercials? How do people live like this?

I've never had to travel anywhere far away for work. I do a few overnights per year for our golf tournaments, but no plane rides. That's scary. You are brave.

I hear ya about feeling like a fraud in a suit and awful industry small talk. Ugh! When I did travel for business, I'd always eat much healthier than if I had to cook for myself!

Did you do any shoe shopping while in Chicago?!

Damn, now I want a caesar salad. Sounds like a divine meal to me!

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