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Thursday, August 21, 2008


I kind of hate you a little bit (she types from her darkened cave in the smelly city). SIGH...

If you can sneak off and take a quick train ride to St Andrews, it's really worth the trip. No matter what the weather, the castle and cathedral are sheer bliss. Haunted in fog, romantic in sun. There used to be this lovely little cafe called Brambles, but I wonder if it's still there.

I should have hooked you up with my tattoo artist in Edinburgh! Quick, sneak back south for the festival! Grope a kilt!

I love how cobblestoney Edinburgh is. I only got to appreciate its silhouette when I was there, since I was there for about an hour of daylight.

You do realize I'm noting every single detail so I can mimic this trip next year, right? Are you going to Aberdeen at all? My husband's (very distant) family has a castle there.

Hi. Jealous.

That is all.

I. am. so. jealous.

Fabulous country, fabulous hotel?!? Score!

Hope you're having a great time, you lucky duck!

I hate you...only because jealousy has racked my body and seized my better judgement.

Wah. I guess I should grow up and wish you a FANtastic trip. :)

I will not admit to staring at your pictures for an inordinate amount of time. I will not admit to googling everything you could possibly ever want to know about Scotland. I will not admit to planning some kind of illegal activities to get me to Scotland.

Nope, I won't admit to anything, because that would be wrong.


I guess that means I'm off to visit your flickr for a mini vacation.

Also, jealous.

I'm so glad your trip to Scotland went well! You're so lucky that you got to go. What a fabulous trip! :)

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