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Friday, September 05, 2008


So they let you leave your bags at the station? I don't know why that just amazes me.

I'm taking detailed notes...

Yes, they did! It said in our Frommer's book that there was luggage storage at the Edinburgh Waverly train station (but not at the airport), and we chanced it, skeptically, because the book was the 2008 version. Lo and behold, there really was luggage storage! I think it cost 6 UK pounds per bag for the day.

I think I'm gonna like this series...

Gasp! Oh my laws! Matt Damon was in Scotland?

I'm so glad you had a lovely trip (at least Scotland: Part the first)


Oh, Scotland! It's been years since I visited it, but I still vividly remember all of the kilt jokes and of course the imposing castle :) Also, I totally saw Nessie--surprisingly, she is pink with purple spots, and sort of innertube shaped. Who'da thunk it! My favorite memory is of the bagpiper playing at Culloden. What a beautiful place--I can't wait to hear more!!

It rained a bit (we were told it was the wettest August on record, or in 50 years, or something like that), but it was never a stay-inside-all-day-and-watch-movies kind of rain. This first day in Edinburgh was the rainiest day of our trip, but we were fine with rain jackets and no umbrella, even being outside most of the day. It misted on several other occasions, but it wasn't even enough to be an inconvenience. The sun was absent most of the time, but the cloudy and overcast skies were just incredibly dramatic; not at all depressing.

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