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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Aw three of my fave bloggers in one picture! Am so jealous.

Awww, four bloggers whose blogs I read meet up, and I? Am in Germany.
Sounds like a great time!

Noooo.... everyone is having fun blogger meetups! Without me! Why is no one coming to BOSTON?!

End rant.

It WAS fun! Jen, do you think we could just start talking in an Aussie accent like Aly?

I AM SO TOTALLY JEALOUS DUDE! I don't know why her trip didn't come to Chicago! And I was supposed to meet up with her in Memphis but work sabatoged that!

I will join in say that I am jealous too! Thank goodness you had your trusty copy of New Moon with you. I feel better knowing that I am not the only one who can't leave the house without one of the books.

Okay, I'm laughing hysterically to myself at a New York internet cafe because Aly N Da Bear? Oh my heavens, Jen, you have made me smile.

I loved you! I'm so so glad your kidneys held out for me. xoxoxo

I'm so glad you made it and that Alynda was still there waiting. Sorry again that I missed you guys -- it looks like you had such a good time! That's what I get for staying out too late and having a goshdarned hangover...

How cool is this??
I would be even more jealous than I already am except that we have plans to meet up when I'm in London in November!

Oh HI! I met you!
I thought you were both lovely, also!
And I took that picture!

Apparently I also use a lot of these .. !!!
nice meeting you.

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