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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I am jealous of your camera. And I cannot stop laughing at the HFCS commercials. As someone who deliberately doesn't eat products containing HFCS, I just have to wonder one thing:

Are there REALLY enough of us out there that we're damaging the income of corn farmers? REALLY??? Because even in San Francisco, I'm something of a weirdo with this obsession.

Wow, you've been busy! You are SO RIGHT about the corn syrup commercials - I completely agree and can't believe I haven't thought to blog about it, too!

Also, I really hope you choose to break something instead of going back to work.

Oh, THANK GOD. I thought I was the only one who found those HFCS commercials completely disturbing. Why not try ads that say cigarettes are healthy for you, too?!

I hate those commercials! And the girl in the first one was Buffy's creepy demon roommate. Freaks me out every time.

I hate the HFCS commercials too. HATE. I also hate all comcast commercials on principle simply because comcast is evil and provides the worst customer service EVER. That is all.

Ditto on the corn syrup ads, and I hate hate HATE the Guilt at is tossed around in those suckers....gaaaaah, don't get me started. (Or perhaps DO get me sarted, I could rant about it for weeks of posts!)

I'm so so SOOOOO glad you came to visit, and I am excstatic that you love Cafe Rio. It really is one of my favorite things about Salt Lake. :o)


Good choice with the D80! Your pictures are lovely! My first DSLR was a D70 and I loved it so. I have since upgraded to a D300 which I love even more. Nikon makes awesome cameras, I glad you picked one, I would've had to stop reading your blog if you bought a Canon.

SWEET! HFCS is GOOD FOR ME. I am totally convinced by those commercials. My diet will now consist solely of artificial fruit juice and pop tarts (I love the cinnamon ones, too) so I can maximize my intake.

Speaking of commercials...I've never seen the Comcast one, so I have no opinion on it. But there is one for Safe Auto car insurance that portrays a group of high school kids playing "Rock Band" and singing the Safe Auto theme song. I really hate that one.

Did you break something???


But yeah...you went to Utah? I guess I didn't realize that. Isn't Heidi just lovely as crap? What did you think of Temple Square? Are you ready for me to send the missionaries to visit you and Joel?


Loving the camera. So jealous!

If you're the wild card, who's the brains and the handsome one? Loved it! And yes, I want to kiss my DVR every day for letting me slide past those stupid commercials.

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