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Friday, October 17, 2008


I have projects like that, too. I need a new garbage disposal because ours mysteriously stopped working - doesn't make a sound when it's turned on. We also need to get someone in to look at our washing machine because it blows a fuse every 6 or 7 loads and we have to dismantle it to replace the fuse. Annoying!

Wow. We managed to box up our old appliances this weekend and I thought that was a major accomplishment. You officially have us beat!

DUDE! DUDE! I could have written this post. In the last two weeks: our dishwasher broke, our garbage disposal broke, our sink started leaking, and our toilet more or less exploded and rained down the lower two floors. RAINED TOILET WATER INTO THE HOUSE. it was awesome.

Bad Rehabbers...they will be dealt with on a special level of hell, I'm sure of it. Hope your checklist is all checkked up, sistah.

If you've noticed someone stalking you for hours on end, it's me. I'm bored at work, so I've been going through your archives.

But, I feel you on the home improvement front. We just moved into a house a few months ago, and the painting. will. not. end. Add in the shortage of funds when it comes to decorating or buying home electronics like, you know, a vacuum, and you have me, the former slob who is starting to twitch at the sight of her living room.

Anyhoo, reading through your archives has recharged my blogging desire. I am hereby restarting!!

Good luck with getting the house together though, I'm right there with you.

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