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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I would RULE at Gilmore Girls trivia.

Please tell me that the category for next week's final round will be "Obscure Twilight facts" or "Ways you could leave your significant other to be with Edward" or "Reasons why Edward really is real, really"

OMG, final thought: We should make a twilight trivia game blog contest!

LOL I wouldn't be so good at 3 and 4, but I could kick some serious butt in the others!

Ha! I just watched Gilmore Girls this morning for the first time in years, and it was awesome. It was the one where Rory brings Dean to her first dance at Chilton.

What does your last point say? CMR books?

My handwriting isn't so good after two cranberry and vodkas (on a monday night! so wild and crazy!). That last one is supposed to say "comic books".

HA! That is awesome. You guys should definitely go back and take first place!

I will challenge you at any of those categories except Gilmore Girls. Bring it!

Oh man, those are AWESOME! You have to post an update if you go back ;)

So, you are going to host a trivia game on your blog as well, right? I'm not so hot at Sunny in Philly, but my coworkers have been quoting it for 3 weeks straight, so I may be able to answer one or two. It would be interesting to see how your readers do with your category choices. ;o)


Dude, I would participate in your contest in a millisecond. Awesome.

Last time I was on a named team (softball), we kept it simple and just called the team Beer. It is the promise of said beverage in the parking lot after the games that keeps me coming back, after all.

I never watched Gilmore Girls and I was always okay with that, but now I'm beginning to think I'm missing out!

That's such a good rule!!

I played trivia a lot in college, but not so much anymore.....

I'm horrible at it though so that's probably a good thing

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