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Thursday, January 08, 2009


Holy hell! I'm so glad everyone is ok but I can't believe they weren't nicer to you! And why wouldn't they even suggest some kind of x-ray or SOMETHING!? This makes me hate hospitals and the people who work there even more. I know not all hospitals or the people who work in the are rude, but the nice ones seems so few and far between.

Again, so glad to hear everyone is fine!

That is so traumatic, even just reading about it! I can't imagine. I love how all of you girls were concerned for each other and things like cell phone minutes, getting in trouble for using it at the hospital, and conference calls. It's like, in that emergency, where does your mind go?

I know ERs are totally strapped, but seriously. Healthcare workers should NOT be scary if they aren't wielding sharp instruments. Why did you go to a different hospital than the other girls? That did not help at all.

Awesome post, trauma notwithstanding.

Holy crap...I'm so sorry!! I hate to tell you this, but it will take months before you feel normal and right again. And red lights will creep you out for a long time.

Your new best friend is ice, ice ice and more ice. Goodness, I'm glad you're ok.


I'm so glad that all of you are okay. My car accident is still probably the most surreal experience of my life. After I crashed I kept thinking my dad was going to be so pissed because he had just washed and vacuumed the car--it was as arbitrary as cell phone minutes. What a way to spend your birthday. I think this calls for another showing of Twilight.

This is really well written. But I am sorry you got into such a bad accident and had such a horrible hospital experience! Are you feeling better?

oh my goodness, I'm so sorry :/ Hope you and your friends are feeling better - such a well written post yet so traumatic...and i wasn't even there! Feel better, rest, and like heidikins said....ice is your friend!

Oh my gosh, how scary! I'm so sorry this happened to you and wish you and your friends a very speedy recovery. I hope you're not in any pain anymore.

Thank goodness you're okay Jennifer! This was a great post but I wish it wasn't about you getting hurt! xx

Oh my god! I'm so glad that you're okay! You poor poor thing. How are you feeling today? How are your friends? Oh, honey. :(

Oh no! I hope you are feeling much better today. Car accidents are the worst, so unexpected and traumatic. It probably seems less important right now, but happy birthday anyway.

Oh, my lord. I just want to cry reading this. I'm so glad everyone is okay, if you had said someone had died...awful. I wish someone had been there with you at the hospital!! I can only imagine Joel getting that voicemail.

WOW. I am glad to hear you are ok and your friends are too. Hope you are feeling better

Oh, Jen, I am so sorry, that sounds extremely frightening! The hospital workers were a big zero in comfort, but luckily you have Joel, your mom, your coworkers, lots of loving people who care for you and worried for you.

Also, this is really well written.

I hope those scary shivers fade away soon, and give the internet's best to your coworkers...

Thank God you're okay! That must have been so scary. I'm so glad everyone was all right, and I hope you're feeling better today. I can't believe the hospital workers were such jerks!

This post was really, really well-written, but I'm so sorry it was about a crash!

Geez, I'm so glad you and your friends are okay. Hospitals are a scary place even if they're nice, so I can't imagine.

Here's to a scare-free and wedding-licious 28th year!

I am so glad you and all of your friends are ok!
Your post was so well written, I could see the whole thing and almost cried.
I hope you feel better soon!

Oh my God, Jen... I am so sorry that this happened to you. Thank goodness you're all okay, and I hope that the soreness is wearing off. I'll be thinking of you...

Oh wow! I'm so glad everything is OK and you weren't seriously hurt. I hope you feel better soon!

damn. i'm glad everyone is ok.

i can't understand why you went to 1 hospital and they went to another.

and how dare those people be mean to you!!!

Jen--oh my goodness, I am soo sorry that happened to you and your friends!!! How terrifying! I hope that you're feeling better and that you aren't too sore. I'm just so glad that you are okay. I hope your friends are doing okay too.

Let me know if there's anything I can do!!! Get lots of rest and spend time thinking of Edward...that would make me feel better ;-)

Love ya, girl!!!

oh wow, i'm so glad you guys are ok! i can't believe how you were treated. medical personnel should not be like that. why were you taken to a different hospital? i hope you're feeling better.

Oh Jen, that is so scary - I'm just glad you all ended up okay. Big, giant hugs to you, lovey. x

I'm so sorry this all had to happen to you and your friends. I hope you took the rest of your birthday weekend to relax. Feel better soon!

How terrifying. I was in an accident on my birthday last year. I'm really glad everyone was alright, and I agree. This was extremely well written. You're good.

Oh my goodness. I'm glad that you and your friends are okay! That is so scary. =(

HOLY HELLLLLL...shoes you are BEHIND I am on blog reading.

Are you okay? Now what?

Holy Shit! I'm traumatized just reading about that! What a horrible, horrible ordeal. Your poor friends! Poor you! I can't believe you remembered it was almost your birthday during all of that. I would have answered, "Wood."

You should report the evil hospital staff on Angie's List: www.angieslist.com. They deserve it. Good thing you didn't bleed on their nice floor and they might have yelled at you and thrown you a mop. Jerks!

This was hard to read because it brought back so many memories of the crash I was in years ago. And I was hurting for you. I wanted to go and beat these people up for being mean to you. How dare they? No one should ever be treated like that.

When they asked if I wanted them to call anyone, I said I wanted my grandmother and rattled off her phone number. And then I said "But she won't answer." Why not? "She's dead." That's when they thought I had a concussion.

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! That sounds so terrifying, and WTF is up with the mean hospital staff? I'm really glad everyone was okay.

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