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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


You know I was laughing right up until the end there--but replacing GG with Kyle XY? NOT FUNNY! And this is why I am steadily collecting all of the seasons on DVD. I will not be foiled by evil television networks and their youth oriented programming.

I kept wishing the people from The Road would find peanut butter! I was like, if anything would survive a nuclear winter it would be Jif...

Dude, the Sam's. We had one of those bags of rice (the ones that come in the burlap bag with the plastic bag inside) and it lasted almost a year and through a move. I thought the bag was so cute that I stuffed it with newspaper and put it on top of my cabinets with my antique kitchen stuff.

And I, too, have a gargantuan bottle of olive oil in my cabinet. But I can't remember if mine is 5 or 3 liters.

i have irrationales about zombies (my boyfriend says its irrational)... i keep asking him if we can bar the windows...that'll keep em out right? and a bunker under the house. sealed tight and shut so they can't get in. 10 feet of steel and concrete nothing can get in or out...

glad to hear your feeling better.

My level of crazy is totally impacted by what I'm reading/watching. Terrifying mythical creatures appearing in Eragon are the reason I can't take the dog out in the back yard at night until we replace the light bulb because only then will I be protected from the light fearing monsters. Is this rational? No. Am I still scared that something is going to jump over the fence and attack me? Yes.

OMG, I KNOW! I was quivering with terror for WEEKS after reading The Road. WEEKS, I TELL YOU! That book totally f*cked with my MIND!

I once looked out the window at the gas station I was working at and saw a clown pumping gas. I was terrified and asked everyone if they also saw the clown. After receiving 300 confused looks, I said I just read "It." And everyone says "Ohhh."

I blame Stephen King for most of my nightmares. Hasn't made me want to move to Wyoming though.

I am so glad that you're okay. Tim and I were in an accident on Christmas Eve and I haven't had the courage to talk about it again since it happened. But maybe now I am thinking that I can.

I love Jack. While I was watching all 4 hours, I kept saying okay enough... I can't watch this show anymore. But I still watch, and I still have nightmares. I am my own worst enemy.

Please don't move to Wyoming.

ok, so i know you are recovering from a car accident and planning a wedding...but im dying over here on the other side of the world with out your blog posts!!!!!

Your insanity has me LMAO. That is all.

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