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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I talk to my cats all the time- you're not alone!

JG and I put words in Ted's mouth, e.g.:

RA: Ted, don't you think JG should do all the dishes tonight? ... Yeah, I think so, too.

JG: But, Ted, RA's supposed to clean when I cook, and I have been WORKING SO HARD. ... I know, it's not fair.

RA: Mm, Ted seems to like to sit here on the couch with me. He says it's fine for me to stay right here.

That Ted is rather fickle, if you ask me. He always agrees with whoever is talking at the moment.

HAHAHA! See you cats later!

You're definitely not alone. I talk to my dog all the time. I ask him how his day was. I ask him why, if he likes his stuffed bear, then why does he lways pull out his guts and spread them all over the floor?

And, what's even worse? I leave the TV on for him. And it can't be just any channel either. I turn it on Animal Planet. Hey, he likes it.

I talk to my cats all the time. I totally ask them what they did all day. And when they chase each other across my bed at 3 AM, I tell them to calm the fuck down.

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Dude, you are so awesome. That seriously cracked me right up.

Oh, I totally talk to my cats all the time. And since I got a new cat who is female, after having two males for 10-plus years, I keep saying "boys" and then correcting myself, like they care.

HA!! That is some serious awesomeness right there.

Tim and I not only talk to our dogs, but, like RA, we talk for our dogs, too. It's a sickness, I'm sure, but damn if it isn't entertaining.

I talk to Oscar more than I talk to J, sometimes. Hee. I jest, well, sort of. ;)

That made me laugh out loud.
I also talk to my cats about their days, ask them questions, etc. I also ask them to get me things from other rooms hoping one day they'll be useful instead of fluffy eating machines.

This post is total proof of why I love you.

Yes, I also talk to my dogs...all the time!!!! They have voices too. Yes, I make up a special voice for each dog I've ever had. I'm not kidding.

You're fantastic. I talk to my cats, too.

i talk to my cats too. :)

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