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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Flights to Baltimore are super cheap right now! Reverend NPW is happy to be at your service. And I would do it just to see your dress! And maybe a couple of cocktails.

I totally have to say that we had a close friend become ordained through the Universal Life Church (NPW-style) and then get an official license through the state of Minnesota for the sole purpose of doing our ceremony. It cost us $20 and the dinner we fed her and her husband. If you're super curious, I can get a copy of the script she used. It was SO much easier than trying to find someone who would do a non-religious script for heathens like us.

Also, a headache saved for me was letting my attendants pick out their own damn dresses. I gave them a color palette, some restrictions on length, and let them go.

Good luck! The devil is in the details, of course! You'll have so much fun. Let us have more of these wedding related posts. It brings me back to my own wedding and makes me reminisce about when I thought some of the women on Bridezilla were reasonable!

Not to be ass-vicey, but have you thought about NGS's suggestion? I have a friend who has two older brothers and she had a very small wedding. Both of her brothers got ordained and performed the ceremony (taking turns). The groom's brother was the best man and the bride's sister-in-law was the maid of honor. Very intimate. But I'm thinking you considered this.

I have noticed how any time you post or tweet about wedding stress, officiant calls make it into what seems to be a random list, and I was wondering why that was stressing you out so much!

NGS and Erika - we've halfheartedly joked about my brother doing the ceremony, but we really do want an official-type person. It's not so much that I'm stressed about the officiant stuff - I just find it very tedious. I don't exactly enjoy calling people, setting up appointments, and schmoozing over coffee with strangers, you know? I'd rather have my secretary do that and just tell me which one is the best and who to make the check out to.

Um, did I write this post? Because I could have written this post. I cannot emphasize enough HOW MUCH I AGREE WITH YOU ON EVERYTHING. Seriously: everything. Except I need my bridesmaids dresses to be a very PRECISE shade of turquoise rather than vintage blue (vintage turquoise?) and that color doesn't exist. Even at J Crew.

wow. you sound ALOT like me! I was reading your post to my "fiance" and he was like "yup, can't make up your damn mind in a restaurant to save your life" --"yea, i can see that..."

6 months out! look at you :-)

Wow, you also sound just like me, now that I am approaching the 6 month mark.

Trying to find an acceptable non-church-affiliated officiant suuuucked. But we did - for only $150, no less! Of course, this was after I found out Ohio is one of the few states that doesn't allow you to be married by an internet-ordained minister and had already planned on having my brother doing so.

Bridesmaids dresses turned out easy - we went out one day, they all picked a different dress in the same color and material, AND they all happened to be on some special January sale for $98.

Our big problems: photog canceling on us because she wanted to shoot her best friend's wedding instead (or, as she says, she "accidentally had us written down for the wrong date" even though our contract was correct. i call bs!); finding out our site owners HATE our caterer bc they "don't always follow through on the details" (solution: do as little as possible through the caterer - we transferred cake/DJ/linens/etc to other vendors - and hope for the best, bc they really have the best-tasting food in our price range in that area).

so you aren't alone! it does help to remember how lucky and happy we are and that it is only ONE DAY.

I love your save the date cards.

I do the procrastinating thing too, where I stress about a long list of things to do, but then when I sit down and do it, it isn't that hard and I feel so much better. Why can't I just do things on time?!

Seriously? Get to know whoever is doing the ceremony before you pick them. I thought I had it all figured out, my father is a minister, but that church, is well, ugly. So, I wanted to do it at a different church. I picked it because it was pretty. Little did I know the minister there was a real jerk. So, even though my father married us, he "had to be involved" and nixed a bunch of our music choices, and yelled at the photographer etc.

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see pictures from the wedding. I know, I know, you've got some time yet, but really, I'm way excited. I remember all the brou-ha-ha with my girlfriend's wedding and while I miss that I didn't get a huge ceremony and all the fan fair, I am glad that I didn't have the stress that goes along with it.

See? I KNEW this was going to turn into something bigger and more time-consuming than you expected. People ALWAYS try to start small and then stuff like this happens. It's inevitable! :)

Holy crap...I'm stressed after just reading that.

And um, your wedding makes my wedding (planning in 2 months) look like a small picnic in the park. And not in a good way. I SUCK.

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