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Friday, March 27, 2009


No, I would not know what that dish was from the title. I would guess something French, at which point my mind would wander to chicken cordon bleu, and then I would pick something else.

And now I have to Google "millege."

No idea. Also, what the heck is a millege?

I would have no idea.

I really like food and I have no idea what that is... but the description sounds divine. I did event planning for a time and it was standard and acceptable to just put Chicken or Poultry if you're trying to make it all fit in a short amount of space.

I would have no idea. I like Marissa's suggestion above though.

I wouldn't know, but that's what Google is for.

Um. No. I would just assume it was a typically bland chicken dish served at a wedding! (And probably check the box for it, of course.)

No clue. But your description sounds delish!

I would have no clue, but it sounds delicious. As Liz just said, that's what Google is for.

No- i would have no clue. But if it can be found on google- than those who really wanna know- can look it up :)

Nope, wouldn't know. I'd just go with "chicken" for RSVP cards, to be honest.

Nope -- I'd have no clue what it was. But I don't think that matters. Since there are only a few entree options at a wedding, anyway, all that really matters is the main ingredient in the dish (chicken, steak, fish, pasta).

What kind of sick and twisted person puts the Chicken's pet-name on a menu? Just because Jean Marie wasn't giving enough eggs, or the rooster didn't like her, or her feathers were molting is no reason to chomp her up in honor of nuptials. ;o)

In other words: I have no clue.

Hell no. But I would know it was chicken, and not steak or seafood, so I probably wouldn't think much about it.

I would suggest to my friend that she give an option of "Chicken" and let the guests be surprised by the details.

"Chicken Jean Marie" sounds like something you'd find in a church cookbook. Submitted by someone named Jean Marie, of course.

I am all about food and love to cook and I have no freaking clue what chicken jean marie or millege it. Millege sounds like something you feed chickens in the hen yard!

I had to read the paragraph three times to realize that you were spelling it correctly and not just writing mileage with a typo.

Am a jackass.

I am also really into cooking and I have no idea what it is. I'm with the girls who suggested just putting chicken.

My thought is always that if someone is really picky or has food allergies, they can contact the couple for more specifics before making their choice.

Definitely just put chicken. Most RSVP cards I see just say chicken, filet, fish, etc.

Never heard of it, myself. But unless a person has food allergies, how much do they need to know about the exact dish? I'm assuming the choices would be, probably, a chicken dish, a beef, and a fish, and this would be the chicken, so it works for me.

It does sound good!

I wouldn't know what it was but seeing chicken would be enough for me. And I'd also probably google it in which case I'd see your blog as the number one search result and be perfectly fine.

It sounds so good, but no, I would not know what it was. But I would get the general idea...I mean usually the options are a chicken or beef (or something along those lines), so I would choose based on what the meat was, not the name.

I think the caterer just made that up. i have never heard of that. hilarious.

No I wouldn't know what it was... but I would GOOGLE IT.

I would have NO idea. But I would be smart enough to google it and find out.

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