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Monday, March 23, 2009


Aw honey, I'm so sorry! My first car (Miss Daisy Mae, may she rest in peace) was a VW and I absolutely loved her. Poor little bug. I certainly hope good things happen for you in the car department!


Ohh... I am humming out taps for your fallen soldier. Do you name your cars for proper memorializing? My (not so dearly) departed Escort was simply "Little Car."

Awww...it almost makes me cry. The relationship between a girl and her car is so close. (My dad and I got into a screaming match when he traded in my beautiful Chevy S-10 because the repair bills were so high. But...it was truck.)

Good luck to you and your Jetta!!

Poor little Jetta.

I remember my first car - Franny the Ford Tempo. She died when a deer decided to commit suicide one late August night in 1999. Tragic.

It's hard to let go. No matter what it is: your car, a bed, a silly ole tv, furniture... it becomes a part of your family and it truly is heart wrenching.

I wish you the best of luck in finding a new car and I wish your Jetta a peaceful retirement.

I got a little teary eyed reading this! You write about your car the way someone would who just lost a pet or dear friend...which is exactly what a car is. (A dear friend, not a pet.) I remember having to let go the car I drove all through high school, a blue Jimmy named Dr. Hank McCoy. I need to find some tissues now.

Maybe if you buy your Jetta something pretty she will perk up a bit! No? Well, if you do end up buying a new(er) car, I hope you stick with the VW. I feel like VWs are very you.

I've always wanted a VW anything.

My first and only car was a 1987 Delta 88 Olds in POWDER BLUE. My friends called her the '88. I loved her. I left her at home when I went to college and my mom still drove her.

Until 2007. When my mom turned down the corner of our block and she died. 20 years, less than 100,000 miles. She was awesome.

That happened with my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. Oh, how I loved that car. It saw me through my moves from Boston to South Florida, South Florida to North Carolina, and finally North Carolina back to DC two years ago.

The day it started making awful grinding noises and then one day, it just wouldn't turn back on. Sigh. My mom jokes that it died after I returned home finally, so I couldn't move anymore.

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