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Friday, April 03, 2009


When we moved I insisted we find a place with off street parking because I was as fed up with the parking situation as you seem to be. I didn't want covered parking or garaged parking, just OFF STREET. It caused some strife in our relationship because I nixed a lot of nice apartments because of this little criteria, but we eventually found a place that included parking in the price of rent! Glorious days!

Good grief. That example sign makes my head hurt.

Ugh, dude, I'd call the city and complain. For sure. That's ridiculous. That example sign is horrid - I didn't even finish reading it because I was getting too confused and I didn't feel like trying to interpret it when I didn't need to.

I would totally raise a stink on my neighborhood listervs and call my local city councilman and local neighborhood commissioner. Do you have any of these things?

Argh....parking was the #1 reason we moved to the other side of the city!

Agreed with Janet - you NEED to spring into action about thsi!

That is pretty much the dumbest thing I've ever heard (at least as it relates to parking)! What a nightmare. :(

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