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Thursday, April 09, 2009


when i was a little brat if i didn't eat what my dad had prepared then i went hungry. plain and simple. eat what was prepared or not eat at all.

that commercial is just a bad bad influence. especially with the kid talkin back to his mom!

Oh man. What a horrible horrible commercial.

I KNOW! Every time that commercial comes on, my husband and I yell at it.

THANK YOU!!! I just saw this commercial for the first time tonight, and I could not believe that the mother went and ordered her no-account kid a pizza. What the hell? She should have made him buy and cook his own meals for two weeks and, with her car, run over his phone that she, no doubt, pays for.

My mom didn't make us anything besides what she made for my mom and dad. If we didn't eat it, we had to make our own, which i think happened a grand total of one time. I don't short order cook for Jojo. He eats what we eat and that's it. That commercial can suck my right ass cheek.

I thought the exact same thing! Why is this mom ordering pizza for her spoiled brat kid. Just eat the damn paella!

Why couldn't they have the kid be like... Sounds great mom! Be home soon!

ugh, that is crappy. Paella is great! And it's actually not that hard to make -- they just want you to think it's hard. In fact, you should go make some. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, you can get saffron at a really good price. Oh, and paella doesn't actually have to have saffron; you could use yellow food coloring if you want it yellow or just cook up rice, veggies, and seafood and enjoy. Let me know if you need a recipe :-)

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