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Monday, May 11, 2009


But, most importantly, you had a great time in Minneapolis on your layover, didn't you? Didn't you? (The correct answer is: Yes, it was lovely. I love Minneapolis. Your fine city and airport are lovely. I will go there frequently.)

Glad you had a good time! I figured you were good since you didn't Twitter and ask about driving to Chicago to help me unpack in my condo.

And SO EXCITED! about the return of the scooter! That is great!

Yay on the scooter!!! That makes me so happy!

Also, I hate Iowa...but I never saw the covered bridges, perhaps my opinion would change. ;o)


I am so glad about your scooter!

In other news, fabulous photos. The sunshine looks infectious and happy. Great capturing of color. :-)

Also, my university is based out of Iowa.

Ooooh sounds like so much fun and it looks beautiful there!!

The bride looks beautiful.

You know, I have probably driven through Madison County (on the interestate) 50 times, and I have never gone to see any of the bridges. Great pictures!

I'm so glad you're getting your scooter back! That's fabulous news!

I can't believe you got the scooter back--that rocks! And I'm so glad you had fun at the wedding. I also dread going to weddings alone, and the fact that you had a good time is very inspirational.

I'm so glad your scooter is found! And that you had a lovely weekend in the Midwest! Yay! (I'm also amazed that NWA didn't somehow manage to ruin your life like they do to me every time I fly that airline. Double yay for you!)

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