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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


AGH! Oh my heavens, that just breaks my heart. I hope it shows up soon.

Aww, man. That really sucks, OPH. Like I said, if I see it anywhere in the Boston vicinity I will make sure to tackle whoever is riding it and hold them for questioning.

Oh, nooooo! That is major sucksville. Come home, cute scooter!

It is so cute. I hope you find it!

OH NOOOOES!!! That is so sad! :( I was in love after one photo, I can't imagine how it would be to take the cute thing for a spin and then have her go missing!


Man that sucks.

But as a resident of a town where people love to ride bikes, may I offer you some assvice should you own a scooter in the future? Telephone poles. Always chain it to a telephone poll.

Okay, that really sucks. I hope it gets found! I hope the jerk who stole it gets some seriously bad karmic payback.

I can't effing believe that. That is BS!!!

I really hope you get it back! Keep me posted. Ooooh I would be so mad. Hell, I am MAD on your behalf!

Oh no! I was all jealous and loving the new red scooter and then poof! it was gone in the next sentence. I hope the police do find it and you get it back. Just so I can be jealous again.

OH, MY GOD!!! That's awful!!! Two days after you bought it, someone stole it? I CANNOT imagine...I'd be so pissed! :(

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