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Monday, June 01, 2009


I agree with your movie review except I wouldn't have rated Terminator Salvation that high. I just wasn't impressed with the story line. But not bad overall.

I think there will be a few trailers for New Moon so I'm sure we'll see some Volturi action in there somewhere. I'm going to miss not seeing Edward in every scene but if we can replace those moments with a shirtless Jacob, I'm okay with that (these boys are all over 18 yes? Otherwise I will feel icky)

Also, I just finished Breaking Dawn (I was dragging it out purposefully...since February. I KNOW!) and, well, I didn't love it. There, I said it. I think my favorite was Twilight book 1 (of course) followed by Eclipse, and then Breaking Dawn and New Moon are almost a tie for me. I needed more Edward in New Moon.

I will DIE if Starlight is on the album. I love Muse! :)

Kristen Stewart just looks so bloody bored. Like, seriously, how much are you raking in off the Twilight saga? If she hates it as much as she seems to, she should never have auditioned. (Although it kills me to say, looks wise she is the perfect Bella. And I'd kill for her hair.)

I've always been on Team Jacob and DAMN, Taylor is so perfect. I bet there will be a lot of switchers now that he's buffed it up.

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.

And EEEEE even MORE excited (if possible!) about HP. I'm debating queuing up like a fangirl to see the premier at Leicester Square!

I am so glad you said that about Kristen Stewart. It is like she doesn't bother trying because she doesn't have to. She is already Bella.

I also agree about Lautner. I think it is important for the plot that he looked like a kid in "Twilight" and in "New Moon" he looks HOT!

Kristen Stewart is so, so very lame. She can't act and she ruins Bella for me. I mean, seriously, what kind of paper cuts have blood immediately dripping out of them like that? I know that's not directly her fault, but STILL, she is not good at acting and like you said, it's painfully obvious that she is trying to "act."

I agree with you regarding Jacob. I heart Jacob in New Moon..HEART HEART HEART. He gets to be a bit douchey in Eclipse, but in New Moon I almost turned Team Jacob.

I already have SEE NEW MOON in my calendar on the day it opens. I'm just 13 years old like that.

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