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Monday, June 29, 2009


The best thing someone said to me in the last month (when I basically lost my mind and did all kinds of things I would not normally have done) before I got married was this:
"The aliens that have taken over your life will give it back. You'll be the person you were before the wedding."

Oh my goodness! This is what I worry so much about next year. No matter how much I try to proactively plan for our spring wedding next year, I'm nervous about all the stuff that MUST HAPPEN right before the big day, haha.

I'm sure it'll be beautiful, and congratulations in advance! :-)

Goodness chica, I just hope this craziness only lasts until you say "I do". I can't even fathom it (nor do I want to--it's too scary).

Hugs and Caterer Glares


just show up pics and we'll forgive you :)

Yes, this is the storm after the lull everyone talks about. Power through! You can do it!

Um, YIKES about your marriage license! I would have freaked out like crazy if that happened to us. I'm so glad you found it!

You're in the home stretch.

You can do it!

And yes I agree... pictures!

I think much of weddings makes sense when you go through your own. It IS overwhelming. But it's good, and it will be here before you know it! :)

PS Nightmares about picnic basket linings? Made me laugh.

So much going on, I am surprised you managed to write a post AT ALL. Props for that! Enjoy the next few weeks of crazy, miss Jen - and then when things start to slow down, you can always work your way backwards and recap the moments! :)

Yep. (That is all)

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