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Friday, June 12, 2009


You don't have to extend the reception by an hour. You designate a bar close to either the reception or to the hotel where your friends are staying, and continue the party there. Then, people are still enjoying your wedding, but you are not explicitly paying for it.

As for the rest of it, do want you think YOU want. No one really notices the menu cards, and very few people will save your programs, so don't put so much time and effort into it that you are going crazy.

It will all come together in the end.

I wish I had some kind of sage advice, or even a justifiable comment.

But I'm wedding'd out right now (as a giant string of emails can attest).

However, I do think that Iceland would be absolutely GORGEOUS! So I'll just focus on that. ;o)


I am all about cutting out things you don't really want or can't really afford. The guests are coming for YOU, not their shuttle to the party. Or at least, they should be, anyway, and I have some fighting words for anyone who isn't.

Deep breathing ... and have faith that your family/friends are there to be supportive and helpful.

i agree with cassie about both her points.

i would start to worry a little about that dress ... every place i called about alterations wanted at least a month to do them.

you definitely have enough time to still plan a honeymoon (bc as you said, it's like any other big trip).

about the shuttle, it goes back to what you really want for your wedding. we decided from the beginning a shuttle was a must have, bc the wedding is in the country where you have to take winding, dark, unfamiliar roads to the hotel. and the #1 thing we want for our wedding is for it to be a big fun party, so we want all our guests to be able to drink as much as they want. fun fact, did you know shuttles charge you per hour for all the time in between pick-up and drop-off? yeah, $600 for a fricking shuttle. but like i said, it was a nonnegotiable for us. most weddings i go to don't have them unless the hotels provide complimentary shuttles. some people bitch, most people understand, so just do what you think is right for you guys and what fits in your budget. and if you go the after-party route, the shuttle really might not make sense unless it also takes people to the bar.

dude, i am starting to stress about the little details and i still have 3 months! you are definitely not alone, and everyone who has been through it understands what it's like to be really excited yet anxious.

oh, i also wanted to add (because that last comment wasn't long enough) that if you decide to go to ireland and want some recommendations for places to see/things to do, i studied abroad there and would happy to do so!

Whew, your feelings are totally justified. I don't think you sound whiny, just overwhelmed with a lot of things that need to get done. Planning a wedding is a blessing but it's also VERY TIME CONSUMING and has a million little things that go into it all coming together. So take a minute and feel justified for being a little freaked out.

If you want votes on what to cut, here's my suggestions:

-either extend the party by another hour or take Cassie's suggestions and have an after-party at a bar close by. Love that idea, actually.

-Order table numbers. It does help guests find their seats in a relatively quick fashion.

-Don't bother with programs or menu cards if you are overwhelmed. They are nice-to-haves but not need-to-haves, and definitely not at the expense of your sanity.

-6 weeks is plenty of time to book your honeymoon, don't worry about it. I think people are only shocked to hear that you haven't booked it yet because it is something that many people look forward to their whole lives, they just can't understand why you wouldn't have done it yet! But who cares. It doesn't matter how many months in advance it was booked, you'll still leave on the same day and have the same awesome vacation. Your style is more last minute, so roll with that.

-Maybe consider unsubscribing from that Macy's mailing list :)

congratulations to your brother and his new bride!!

congratulations to you and your soon-to-be groom!!

our wedding is a little under 2 yrs away (its a destination wedding so we're giving ourselves plenty of time and we're moving to Florida afterwards, like quitting our jobs a month before the wedding to move and then get married!!...)

so i can completely understand your anxiety... omigod i'm so happy for you!!!

You can do it! I have faith!

Don't worry about the programs. Very few people keep them, and, to me, it only makes it glaringly obvious when the organist/musician plays the wrong song or things happen out of order.

Our honeymoon was a thrown together thing, and it was awesome. May I recommend Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker in Belize? Plenty of relaxing beach time and if you want more strenuous activities, a trip to the mainland takes no time at all and you can go hiking, tubing, etc. Also, Ireland is beautiful and super fun to find out of the ordinary things to do. My mom and I did this package where you rent a car, have a booklet of B&B's to choose from, and you just head out. So much fun.

I thought that I should make the reception past 10 too, but my mom said, "trust me, you will be so tired by then..." She was right, and I was glad I didn't spend extra money for one more hour. Just my assvice for you...

Your wedding is going to be so perfect, but my stomach knots up just reading this because I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! Everything will work out...don't let people stress you out. Everything is going to fall into place! You will be more beautiful than Bella on her wedding day. I just know it!! LOL

Oh honey. I could have written this post. I mean, I know YOU wrote it, but I totally could have too -- I'm feeling pretty much 100% the way you are. I really think someone should start a Group Bridal Therapy company or something. Hey, there's a smart business idea! You in? It's not like either of us has anything ELSE to do, right?

(PS: you can TOTALLY book a honeymoon in less than six weeks. My god, people just freak out because of the word "honeymoon." If you said you were going on vacation in six weeks but hadn't quite nailed down where yet, no-one would bat an eye, I bet. Let me know if you need any help.)

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