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Friday, August 14, 2009


The Ravens! You got to see Joe Flacco (a former Blue Hen, cough cough) in action! I'm glad that you were impressed by the athletes, even though I am not totally sold on pro football. It oozes commercial crap to me, and I can't take it.

Hahaha... I love that you went for the cheerleaders. And brought a book with you. You're the best.

Um, I'm still giggling at the 10-cent co-pay for text messages. :o)


I actually didn't get to see Joe Flacco :( We were late and missed the first quarter and he didn't play the rest of the game. Joe the Quarterback remains a mystery to me!

We also missed the live, trained ravens flying around the stadium, which I am REALLY bummed about. Another thing I can get on board with: mascots!

Well, I mean it was only a preseason game. So it's not like a real football game that people can get invested in. Wins and losses don't matter at this point, so, um, maybe that's why folks didn't fight?

I didn't realize cheerleaders also took the preseason to work out the kinks. Maybe you need to go to a real game sometime? A game that takes place during the actual, this counts for something, season?

I was going to write the same things as NGS.

I always think it's interesting to see what happens during the commercial breaks. I always thought they were doing more than just standing around, but I was wrong!

I should have mentioned, there was at least some half-hearted booing at some douchebag who was waltzing around in a Steelers jersey, trying to rile people up. So at least there was THAT.

NGS and -R-, if you guys are reasonably sure tht the cheerleaders do better dances at real games, I'll give it another chance.

You wanna see drunk people pouring beers on each other's heads, go to a Chicago Cubs game. (That's baseball which is more boring than football.)

Ummm...I have no actual real life basis that cheerleaders do better dances at real life games since real season game tickets are like a gazillion dollars, but it always looks like they're doing cool dances during the breakaways at commercial time from the comfort of my couch. So. No promises.

oooooooh, i want to go to a pro football game! i've been to a pro baseball game and that rocked :)

I grew up in Virginia, and I always thought it was weird that there were so many Washington Redskins fans around, since, you know, the Redskins were obviously from Washington State. UM YEA. I was at least 20 when I realized that they were, in fact, from Washington: The District. Oops.

It was lovely to meet you the other night at RA's party! Congratulations on the wedding as well!

OMG You are so funny. I just loved this post.

On another note, only a couple months until NEW MOON! OMG I CAN'T WAIT!

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