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Thursday, August 20, 2009


So cool! I hope your brother appreciates it very very much.

A friend made me a birthday card this year with a whole bunch of rock climbers on it, and now, it is on my office bulletin board for my daily admiration.

So cool! A postcard like that would make me very happy!!

that is awesome!!

and i want to be in your address book now :)

If you guys want one of these beauties, email me your address and I will mail you one... although I must warn you that my crafting impulses are sporadic. (And I hope you like Outside Magazine, Modern Bride and Men's Health.)

Look at you, Mrs. Crafty Pants! Super cute.

Aren't you a nice sister? Pretty soon you can switch to housekeeping and baby magazines and stab yourself in the eyes, like moi.

You crack me up, you crackpot. Awesome postcard and even more awesome sisterness.

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