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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


What a lovely lovely wedding. I am just beyond happy for you! I could look at wedding pictures all dang day long.

I could too, which is why it took me seven weeks to write an actual
post about the wedding!

On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 5:34 PM, wrote:

Love, love, love everything! You look BEAUTIFUL! You're totally glowing! Looks like the perfect wedding!

And rain is lucky! That's what my grandma always says. It rained on her wedding day and her and my grandpa were married for close to 60 years!

The pictures are beautiful, and you look gorgeous! Congrats again!

So many awesomely lovely things about this post!

The place! The flowers! The cake! Your dress! The placecards! The kissing pictures! And we haven't even heard about the honeymoon yet!

And now I've gone and hit my maximum limit for exclamation points. Damn.

But what's this about mums? I had no idea.

I KNEW I would regret missing your wedding! It looks absolutely stunning. I love the colors, and the vintage farm items, and pretty much everything about it. I would have a total girl crush on you if you weren't already married.

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

so beautiful!

oh my BEAUTIFULNESS! You look gorgeous! LOVE the postcard placecards and the amazing photos. And the location! and the flowers! and that sash! FABULOUS!!!!!

Oh, and again, congratulations!

So, so great! The postcard idea is very impressive there, Joel! I give credit where it's due, although OPH did a fine job executing the vision. :)

I love love love your dress. Can I say now that I do not love strapless dresses, so Dress #2 is far superior than Dress #1? Is that okay? Because it is the truth.

I love! I'm getting married in 10 days, so I'm pretty much to the point where I've realized that this jittery knot in my stomach isn't going to go away until the day gets here and I realize that everything that was supposed to get done has gotten done. Congratulations to you - it looked beautiful (and fun)!

Those pictures are so awesome! It turned out so lovely after all of your extensive preparation. :)

Ohmygoodness, I am sobbing. Seriously, this is beautiful. The tears, they aren't stopping.

Love you darling, I'm so happy for you!


I heart looking at people's wedding pictures! I am so glad it all went off fabulously. Because I have three weeks left, and also have that type A planner mile-long detailed to-do list that seems like it's never going to get done. so this is good to hear!

Loved this post Jen, almost as much as I enjoyed the wedding itself. What a fabulous day, and you did such a great job sharing it with all on this website... great great pictures! Of course, (*blushing) Thank you so much for the shout-out re: wedding cake. I absolutely LOVED having the opportunity to do so, you were indeed an extremely stress-free bride to be able to do this (FOR MY FIRST TIME) for. Such great memories xoxo Congrats, and now.... ENJOY!

What a gorgeous wedding! Congratulations!

This is late, but I love love love your wedding pictures, and you looked absolutely lovely. What a wonderful day.

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