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Monday, October 05, 2009


It looks cute! Good decision. I've been growing mine out too but I think I'll just go get a trim. Not ready to part with it yet. :)

Looks great! Do you still do the thing where you comb through your hair with your fingers and then freak out when your hair isn't there like you remember? That always bothers me for like a week. =D

I love it! It looks so sassy and fresh!!!

I just got married two weeks ago and am activly searching for a short haircut...I usually get bored with growing my hair out after, like, 3 months, so the fact that I didn't cut it all off before the wedding is a miracle. Now that the wedding and pictures are done, GOODBYE LONG HAIR!! Woo!

LOVE the new hair! I have a 10" white-blonde ponytail that I am unwilling to get rid of. It's sick, and twisted, and (probably) wrong...but I can't bear to give it away. Sigh.


Yay for super cute hair!

Sassy! Definitely worth the $11.

Cute! I did the same thing shortly after I got married. My hair suddenly started to make me crazy, and I just had to cut it off!

Your hair looks amazing both long and short--lucky girl!

AMEN to writing off $11 hair cuts in the future.

Also, for what it's worth, I feel like I go to good salons - usually Aveda salons these days - and the price for a hair cut ranges between $29 to $35, depending on the location.

Finally, love your new look!

I like it a lot! when i got my hair chopped off after the wedding, the stylist said that she gets so many recent brides that do the exact same thing. Her comments almost made me want to leave the appointment, but I stayed and was so psyched to be done with my tangles.

Hi, Cuteness! My hair usually costs me around $85, but I figure that's city inflation for you.

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