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Friday, October 09, 2009


I watched the first episode and I like it. BUT! Now I can't watch because it is on at the same time as my NBC shows and Flash Forward. I will watch online (when I have time) but I hope it doesn't get canceled!

I love NCIS but I haven't started watching the LA version yet. Tempting though. Let us know what you think as it goes on!

Despite my skepticism of teen vamps, i will try the show next week, if only to see sister-lover boone again. Also, I appreciate being able to put comments on your blog and not have to be approved (jezebel-style). It is very freeing

I am totally booked on Thursdays (the whole NBC line-up, plus CSI on DVR, and then Ace of Cakes and Project Runway), so this show has not made the cut. However, I can not be on board with NCIS. I gave it a try (I really did!), but I HATED it.

Also, according to those Nielsen ratings, you can't be the only one watching Vampire Diaries, unless you make up those 3.8 million people. In which case, I don't think I'm okay with Joel calling you fat.

(Kidding. I'm sure he's not calling you fat. But if he were, I would be against it.)

I love that show as well. As for Sookie? Book 5 is mostly Sookie and Eric so it's awesome in that regard. The legendary shower scene happens in that book.

Um, wow. I love True Blood, so thought I would read the books, but now I'm kinda scared off of them...

And I LOOOOOOVE the Vampire Diaries! Definitely outshines Twilight in my opinion and maybe even True Blood. I'm waiting until I've seen a full season to reach a verdict. But holy crap--Stefan and Damon are at least 400% hotter than any of the Cullens... And Elena is so much less irritating than Bella! Love it.

I'm watching! I love the books back in the day, and I love the show now. It's my guilty pleasure.

I watch it and I LOVE IT. I admit to rewinding the TiVo (is the term "rewind" still used?) to rewatch all the making out scenes. Oh yes I do.

(It better not get canceled or I will die.)

Also, I've read like 7 of the Sookie books and I've hated every single one of them. Bill is not hot and neither is Sookie. She wears a banana clip, for crying out loud. They are just too dated for me.

I've been watching it but I'm still not convinced. Weirdly enough, the most interesting character to me is the witchy friend, not the main character or the vamps! And yes, it's very similar to Twilight, even the way the main vamp (sorry can't remember names) acts and talks - almost like he's copying Edward.

You are the only one watching Vampire Diaries. I watch the original NCIS though. LOL

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