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Monday, October 19, 2009


Boston/New England Weekends are the New Awesome. It was so fun to hang out with you!! Even if the "Ghost Tour" was laaaame. :o)


Ha! I literally had to participate in the ghost tour. For about 12 seconds. With no interaction whatsoever.

In any case, I am down for moving to Hawaii with you ladies. We can gossip to our hearts content with a rum-type drink in a coconut, surrounded by palm trees, instead of a pumpkin beer on a freezing patio in NH.

So glad you came to visit!

I love what you said about me talking fast - it's true. (I had a kid raise his hand the other day and say "Um, can you read slower?").

And I know what you mean about it being different than you imagined. When I met Kayla, I was like "but your voice is so much higher than I imagined!"

A ghost tour in Salem, MA, was bad? I wouldn't think that could be possible.

I am hella jealous of your New England weekend. I have long harbored fantasies of spending time near Boston. Luke and I hope to scrape up some money for a getaway there sometime next year.

GAH, so jealous! Pumpkin festivals are my dream fall activity. Boo. I do love that caterpillar guy. I'm glad you all had fun!

"At least when I underpack, it makes my return home that much sweeter. My moisturizer! My pajamas! A clean pair of socks!"

Lol! Kinda funny because my boyfriend and I just finished packing for a trip to Ireland, and it always amazes me that I pack lighter than anyone else I know. 1 roller carry on and 1 (not even full) backpack. And I never start packing more than a night or two before. Am I defective??

In unrelated news, omg wow those are some great pumpkin pics!

The tower of pumpkins is seriously IMPRESSIVE! I am going to hunt down a Northwest pumpkin festival because that was too adorable! Great pictures.

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