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Friday, November 13, 2009


Our cat yowls, too! But not nearly that often. She is "vocal" most of the time, with the meowing when entering and leaving rooms, when someone new comes in the door, and if my husband and I are talking to each other or to someone on the phone. But she yowls when we go to bed. We close her out of the bedroom (we're mean pet owners with allergies) and she stands outside our bedroom door and yowls for a few minutes. Then there's one last pathetic, quite meow, and she's done until she wants us to wake up at about 6:30-7:00 in the morning.

So I don't know what these cats want with the yowling, but they certainly have our attention!!

But is it an iPhone?!

No, not an iphone, but it does look like one! Its a Motorola Droid... no switch to ATT required.

Its not an iphone, its a droid. I wanted the iphone, but I just cant do the att switch. We had att a few years ago and the coverage was so bad that we couldnt use our phones in our own house. But still, woo! I have a faux-iphone! It is glorious!

On Nov 15, 2009 9:45 PM, Operation Pink Herring [email protected] wrote:

No, not an iphone, but it does look like one! Its a Motorola Droid... no switch to ATT required.

I think that our cats must be long-lost brothers or something like that. My cat NEVER. SHUTS. UP. He yowls constantly...and eats ridiculous amounts of hair ties. If you figure out a way to make your cat stop screaming, PLEASE let me know before I completely lose my mind.

10 hrs, wow? I'm soooo happy on weekends when I get 8!

Our cat used to do that every single night. We thought he was looking for us since it was when we turned the light off to go to sleep. Not so much. We snuck up on him once and he was walking around in circles with a toy in his mouth. We have just written it off as crazy.

I say don't feel bad about taking the elevator down 1 floor. Not every person's disabilities manifest physically. You don't have to be in a wheelchair to use the handicap parking spot. (I learned this from my Mom whose lungs operate at 70%.)

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