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Friday, December 04, 2009


I liked 29. At first I felt a little bit like it sounded fake, as thought I was really 30 but just pretending I wasn't. 30 is really odd though. I've been 30 for almost 6 months, and I'm still not used to it.

Happy birthday Joel! And 29 was a great year for me. 30, not so much.

I just turned 29 myself, and my advice is to go to the first New Moon showing of the day - they usually are even cheaper than the Matinee price :)

Hi. My name is Kate. I'm 26 and I, too, love Twlight a little bit more than someone my ago should :) My husband and I are trying to move to Baltimore, so if we make it before the movie leaves the theaters, I'm so there!

Hehe, I totally understand. I saw New Moon a couple days after it came out and definitely want to see it again. But I'm settling for re-reading Eclipse instead...

Happy birthday Joel!

I'm seeing New Moon tonight (for the first time) and I am super excited. If your level of obsession is such that you can get to Colorado by 7 PM, you're more than welcome to come along! :)

I am glad I'm not the only one who finds it impossible to explain just why they love everything Twilight so much. I have found myself in that situation many times. I usually start with Edward and then branch out into the fact that everything in the book is what I always hoped Love was supposed to be. Then I throw up because OMG, did I just say that outloud? It can't be explained, but I just know that the love is strong and it is true--Oh So TRUE.

Happy Birthday Joel! (slightly belated, sorry)

And I'm not a twi-hard, but I love and adore you anyway. ;o)


If I was there, I would so very much love to go with you. Multiple times. I am also about to turn 29, and I also currently reside in Obsessedville. Oh, and happy belated birthday, Joel :)

Um, also this means you and I have almost the same bday, OPH. That, plus Obsessedville, plus the vet spreadsheet we both maintain, makes things just a bit strange, yes? Or maybe it just makes things awesome.

I'll go with the latter. Also going to see New Moon again, tomorrow I think :)

this is hilarious. i've read through a few of your posts, and it's like i'm writing them!

i love twilight, and i'm just a few years older than 29!

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