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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Man, I'm so glad I caught up on Vampire Diaries! Such a great show! I always think of the band Queen when I hear Steve McQueen, WHICH COULD NOT BE MORE OPPOSITE.

This post covered a lot. I can't believe that new Jetta owner is such an asshat. You'd think he'd have to show registration or something when he gets the car out of the impound lot.

Merry Christmas!

Those last two pictures are absolutely adorable and wonderful and make me want to bring you a horse and carriage RIGHT THIS INSTANT.

You are hilarious.

Also, the car impounding thing sounds totally crazy. What the hell kind of rules are those, that you are still responsible for your car AFTER you sold it?

This post cracks me up. I think I need an enemy list too and I'm a definitely putting the assholes who leaked Midnight Sun near the very top of the list. I mean, think about what kind of world it would be if we knew Edward's point of view. I can barely imagine such a wonderful place. I am holding out hope for the dream to come true...somehow...someway...someday...

SOS. SOS. seek immediate rescue and retrieval from El Centro. Not safe to send email or phone message-no privacy-and message will be compromised. Operation Pink Herring is the only secure source.

Copy that. Rescue St. Bernard dispatched.

You and R really make me wish I had more nemeses. I mean, I could totally find some, I suppose... maybe I should make that my resolution for 2010! It can't be hard- there are at least three people at school that I could potentially turn into enemies. I'm going to get on that.

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