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Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I just want to give that sonofabitch Monday the bird and be done with it.

Even if Mondays weren't blatantly bad, they would still be inherently bad, so any extra misery is just salt in the wound.

Man, I must have like five Mondays a week!

Ugh, I hate Mondays.

Wow. That is some day. I always feel personally responsible for librarians who are rude, sooo... sorry about that!

Oh I know those days... It's amazing how sometimes as you lay there in bed you can catch yourself wondering if the world might actually be out to get you.

Then before you know it it's Tuesday, and suddenly the world is again spinning correctly on its axis. Without even realizing it the feeling that you're being followed by the Charlie Brown dark cloud passes and you move on with life and it's nuances...

Nice post.

Sorry you had a cruddy day and I can totally relate to yelling at the cat. They seem to know when you're irritable and decide to do anything and everything possible to annoy you further.

When I started reading your post and you mentioned it being in the 30's I had a brain fart and assumed that was 30 degrees celcius - then I was wondering why on earth you'd wear a scarf. Sigh.

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