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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I got the H1N1 shot on Monday, and I have to say that while all needles feel like needles, i did not get the mind numbing muscle pain afterwards like I do w/ the seasonal flu shot. Which to me is always the worst part.

Can you get the nasal mist instead of the injection? It's unnerving (like, you can't sniff too heartily, and I didn't feel at all inoculated after it), but it's not a shot.

And re: people downplaying fears, that is plain RUDE. So what if I hate balloons because they might pop in my face? SO WHAT?!

I love the sass in this post. All pain is just in your head, duh!

I am not getting the shot because I am not eligible, but I think I would if I could. Then again, H1N1 seem sooooo last season already :)

In all honesty, I hate shots and the flu shot hurt. The swine flu shot did not hurt. So, that's something!

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