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Saturday, January 16, 2010


First off: I FREAKING HATE ANTHONY. I could not stand listening to a word out of his mouth. He made my ears curl, I swear.

Okay. So, that's off my chest.

I could not understand the appeal of Ping, who could not have come off any dippier. Like, did she even SEW her garment?

I did like Emilio's dress, even though it was a hot mess until about 5 minutes before runway time. I'm looking forward to Anna-I'm-an-artist, Janeane-the-Crier, and The Actor all getting chewed to pieces by Nina. As of now, I don't like anyone, but I sure as heck dislike a bunch of them.

Okay, how did Nina Garcia not RIP into Ping's crazy time outfit?

Also, I would have voted Jesus off immediately for that chocolate monstrosity. Christiane's dress was not great, but not anywhere near as bad as that one!

I did love the dress that won though. I won't lie, I kind of want to own it.

Ugh - Jesus's mini-turned-mermaid. I loved it when Nina (?) said it looked like a giant chocolate bar.

And I'm not getting Ping's appeal. Maybe it's one of those "potential" things that actual designers can sense, and will become more understandable in later episodes.

I missed the premier but will watch from here on out, especially if I have recaps like this to look forward to :)

I did NOT miss, however, the commercials for Pregnancy Pact...and holy mother, that is gonna be one to watch. Ha. Is it even recappable? I wouldn't mind seeing an attempt...;)

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