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Thursday, January 07, 2010


Wow, you have to ice your knee every day? That is significant. Is it safe to assume that physical therapy is out of the question? Otherwise, I assume everyone does it.

I think a good perspective on how cars can be dangerous is healthy and all, but it stinks not being at ease. Isn't there a middle ground between carelessness and paranoia?

Oh man, I know how you feel. I mean, I SORT of know how you feel: I've basically stopped driving as a result of an accident I was in more than FOUR years ago. It was only a fender-bender but it sucked out my confidence completely. Of course, being in San Francisco doesn't help (driving here isn't exactly FUN; especially on a stick with all those hills) but I rarely, rarely drive anymore, just because I'm way too scared to. I guess...I sort of have no advice or anything, just wanted to offer some empathy. And I get the thing about trying to comfort yourself: after my accident, the only thing that made me feel better was making EVERYONE I ran into tell me about the accidents they'd been in. There's a tendency to feel so isolated in situations like this, and it helped to know that other people (basically everyone I talked to) had some sort of accident story to tell.

I'm so sorry that the accident is still a major part of your life. Here's hoping that this year will bring a dulling of your pain, fear, and memory of the event.

Yikes... I just read that for the first time. Well, who knows... Who knows how many accidents your fear has made you avoid, right? I do believe doing a few spins on a wet highway when I was a teenager has saved my life because I've been more afraid and careful since then.

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