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Sunday, January 24, 2010


So glad to hear your kitty is okay! That sounds like enough excitement for one week all by itself.

Congrats on doing laundry, folding it, and putting it away. That little sequence usually takes me a week to complete. Or longer.

Didn't I hear that Janet's husband wants a cat? Right? :)

Hmm, but I seem to remember that Andrew wants a lap cat, which Madison is not. And I'm not giving up my good cat. 


I think I might just tie a bow around his neck and leave him in the neighbor's mailbox.  I mean, he wants to live in her garbage pile anyway. 

The NCR trail looks like a nice bike path ...

Giving cats pills is the worst. I can do the dog, not so much the cat.

Laundry? In one day? No way! That NEVER happens around my house!

I've done three vet visits in three days, but not three in two!

glad Madison is feeling better, I feel like the cat health insurance company is going to need a bailout

Ten miles on a whim? You are such a good wife.

I am so glad your cat is okay. And that walk sounds like fun, except I hope it wasn't too cold over there. I walked 1.6mi today with a friend (just a walk home for her and halfway home for me, I took the bus from her house) and by the end I could not feel my legs anymore, I was that cold.

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