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Friday, January 15, 2010


I don't watch NipTuck but I was drawn into the holy mess that is Jersey Shore when I was traveling one week. I seriously watched like four hours of that trash. BUT GOD. It is like watching a car accident. You just can't wait to see the next trashy mess that happens next.

Jersey Shore is among my list of shows that need to be addressed.  As a Jersey girl myself, I feel like I have to both defend my state.  That sounds like I hate the show, which is the opposite of true.  I love it.  I just want people to understand that The Shore is a small part of the state that we all make fun of too.

Wow, I kind of wish I hadn't stopped watching Nip/Tuck a few years ago. It sounds like a hot mess.

Just started watching Jersey Shore. It really is like watching a train wreck. (And I love Jersey - lived there for four years and now my in-laws live there.) The things that come out of those people's mouths... I spend most of the episodes gawking at the TV in open-mouthed disbelief.

I miss Gilmore Girls.

I've been slightly curious about what all the hoo-ha over Nip/Tuck has been. Now I know. Thanks for "nipping" (haha!) any lingering curiosity in the bud for me.

I'm still watching Nip/Tuck because I feel like I have to watch it to the end. I'm a voyeur so I have to watch it die (even after The Carver killed it).

I bet everyone dies from being overexposed to Kimber's disease ridden vagina.

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