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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I do the EXACT same thing. Inner debate, constantly, non-stop. SHUT UP, inner voice! If you come up with a way to keep it quiet, let me know.

Don't worry; if we wrote out what was going on in our brains verbatim, we'd all sound like loons. Good thing? Not sure about that, but hey, you're in good company.

How was the yoga class, ultimately?

I completely understand all your inner dialogue and angst, with one exception: why must jersey shore and project runway be mutually exclusive?

Good lord, did I write this? Seriously, I have been going to join a young women's volunteering group here for about a year. Hmmmm. Still working on that. And that antique shop the whole way on the other side of town? Yeah, this weekend.

Sometimes I obsess so much over trying not to do anything unnecessary that I end up screwing something up and making bad decisions. Like when I took my wallet into the grocery store b/c I didn't want to carry my purse and then left my wallet in the cart b/c I didn't see it? Yeah. But did I get a new wallet and still do the same thing b/c I don't want to carry my big-heavy purse into the store? Yes. All the time. And I debate over it every single time.

It's like you are in my brain. And why I'm sorry for you (because I hate being in my brain sometimes), it makes me feel so much better to hear someone else does this. I feel like it is getting worse for me too. I also find myself having a great debate over the most meaningless of details. And once I decide, it's fine and I realize either option would have been ok. But yet, I agonize over it anyway!!

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