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Friday, January 29, 2010


Hey, hey, hey, now! I've lived in Kansas for 19 years and I've never even SEEN a tornado - let alone get sucked up in and/or killed by one :)

Oh, and I'm totally freaked out by mayonaise...eels and parasites seem like totally rational fears by comparison.

Too many fears to count. Including but not limited to oceans (or extremely large lakes), cockroaches, choking, parking garages, and vomit.

And now, eels, thanks to that terrifically creepy photo. *Shudder.*

Those eels are TERRIFYING. I know what my nightmares are going to be about tonight. I am not a fan of carpenter ants. They are huge and live in my basement and walk around like they belong there or something. They do make a satisfying crunch when I squish one though. Take that carpenter ants!

eels and snakes are awful. Its like they are one long continuous muscle that makes up the whole creature. i just can't get my head around it. Plus, there's the voldemort connection. . .

I'm okay with snakes, I mean I don't want to cuddle them, but as long as they do their thing --over there-- then I'm fine. Same with spiders, some are even kinda cool. I'm scared of the world's dumbest thing, a cockroach. They can't hurt me, but ugh, just thinking of them. Yuck. My uncle once dropped a plastic one on me as a joke and then spent an hour apologizing while I cried.

Cockroaches. Ew. Gross.


I have issues about where to live too. I don't want it too hot or too cold. San Francisco should be my ideal, if only it wasn't on a fault line. I'm not a big fan of earthquakes.

I live in Oklahoma, right down Tornado Alley, and while I've never personally had my house blown away, most of my recurring nightmares are about tornadoes. I think I was mentally scarred in childhood!

Found you via The Bloggess; love your writing style! I'll visit again.

I've had thoughts like this too. Mostly about natural disasters though, like earthquakes (even though I live near a major fault line), hurricanes, etc. I like all the four season and don't like extreme heat/cold/humidity, so I've decided Tennessee would be a good state to live in. Though it doesn't look like we'll be going anywhere anytime soon.

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