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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Gorgeous pictures! Sounds like you are having lots of fun, which makes me jealous. We're supposed to get 6 to 10 inches tonight... but working from home means no snow days for me. :-(

Love the photos! And I too would be loving the snow if I got things like snow days. But I don't. I can barely "work from home." So I hate it.

i heart the snow too. i grew up in the prairies of canada and was spoiled by the white stuff. now i live in vancouver and it looks like we should be hosting the summer olympics instead of the winter one... i wish i could frollick in your pictures! i love the one of the buried cars!

It looks beautiful! I love all the pictures. And I would not mind a 6-day weekend due to snow either. I imagine it must be quite awesome to be able to sit at home, all cozied up, with warm drinks, warm food, a blanket, a good book or TV show, watching the snow fall outside, knowing there is nothing else you need to be doing right now.

LOVE the photos.

You're making me ache for a snow day. Not the kind where I'm inside without power or heat of course, but definitely the kind full of eating, lounging, and tromping through the powder.

I love that last picture. I know I said this before, but I am actually jealous of your snow. We got so gyped today it's not even funny. My bitterness knows no bounds.

Our snow is not picturesque at all, just cold and heavy and wet. And I still have to walk the dog this afternoon. Oy.

Holy crap that is so much snow. SO MUCH SNOW.

So I read your blog many years ago (whilst I was still a good blogger myself) and since I just started blogging again(!)I followed the bread crumbs back here. And man. It is kindof freaking me out. Because I'm reading your blog and we are like.... the same person.
My husbands name is Joel, I am 29, I still feel to young and unprepared for babies but secretly kinda want them, I live in Baltimore, I am a yoga devotee in my mind and make up a zillion excuses not to go in reality and I love sleep.
I also have a cat.
I know some of it is a reach but weird right?!?

Wow, these are some beautiful photos!

Okay, well, I hate snow. I'd be happy if I never saw another speck of the stuff again in my lifetime. But these photos are GORGEOUS!!!

We even had snow for about 2.5 seconds last week. My little nieces were in town, and it was like Christmas came again. I've never seen children so lit up. The three year old came screeching into the kitchen yelling, "SNOWBALL FIGHT!" at the top of her pint sized lungs!

I am from MD-born and raised. I am recently a Californian and I know it sounds odd....But I REALLY miss that snow and scenery.

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