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Monday, March 01, 2010


I am decidedly in the camp of People Who Don't Watch Bad Movies Voluntarily because I am also in the camp of People Who Shout Angrily the Whole Time and Make It Hell For Everyone Else Involved. So, really, everyone wins by my not watching those movies.

This weekend, we went grocery shopping! And out to dinner! Where I stained a brand new dress! And we watched the rest of the Olympics! These are decoy exclamation points, by the way. The most exciting thing was that the wait for my ginger martini at the restaurant was totally worth it.

I feel the same way about social events and my weekends. I skipped a running club meeting last week because my fiance was out of town and I was too chicken to go alone and have to talk to people... mostly because I knew they'd think I was just a fake runner, what with being so slow and all. (Turns out that, while still kinda slow, I run a faster 5k than a few of them did this past weekend, so that makes me feel a bit better.)

I also hate having jam-packed weekends and I think that's what every weekend this month is going to be like. Ugh.

I think ABC Family movie marathons are the best things ever. 13 Days of Halloween? Sweet. 25 Days of Christmas? Make the holidays merrier! I scored the awesomest reusable grocery bag one weekend right before Christmas - ABC Family was doing a street promotion in Philly to push the 25 Days of Christmas. Every time I use the bag I get at least one comment from a jealous bad movie lover. (The bag came with a car air freshener too. Best giveaway ever.)

The only thing keeping me from watching ABC Family 24/7 is the fact that I don't have cable.

Just going to admit that I ended up watcing the Fake Fiance movie but actually thought some of it was a little risky for a family channel.

But holy snikes. Joey Lawerence. Mmmm.

My husband on the other hand kept saying- how are you watching this- as he perused the internet. Whatever I watch all his ball. Basketball, football, whatever damn sport is in season.

I was happily lazy. We have started to go to Barnes and Noble once a month and just sit and read books and magazines. I kind of feel like I am stealing since I don't buy much but why would they have the chairs there if they didn't want me to sit and read. Even though the chairs give me the skeevies.

Totally thought the author of the comment before mine was p.o.r.n. job. That was a slight misread. Perhaps I need to up the font size on my computer?

Stephanie, I thought it was a little risque too! I mean, they were about to get it on (while not married! OMG!) with the little neice and nephew sleeping on the couch in the next room!

You thought Joey looked GOOD? I thought it would have been more believable if he needed the wedding cash to pay for his coke habit.

QPKe6w Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

I have the same anxiety over weekends... or any social events, really. Too much pressure to have FUN!

But I usually do have fun, and the anxiety was all for naught. Sounds like you had a super weekend. Hopefully the upcoming one will be just as great!

very jealous of your wine-soaked viewing party of the fake matrimony weekend. And proud of you that you went out and were social!

Umm...you were WHERE?????? And WHY DID YOU NOT CALL ME?! DEAD TO ME, as Sarah would say.

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