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Monday, March 08, 2010


beautiful post!


How do people respond when you say married life is awesome? I find that people hope for some kind of dig about how it wasn't what I expected or that it's so much harder than I thought it would be.

What a wonderful wonderful post. Also, sorry to give you asteroid worries. As if LOST wasn't enough to give you ulcers.

Ah, wedding BFF, we are so aligned.

I love this. I'm glad married life is awesome for you. :)

I'm glad you are so happy.

I love the photo!

What a sweet post! I feel exactly the same way - that sense of being grounded, that feeling of purpose, of moving forward together.

Beautiful picture!

lovely post. and btw, fuck lost. I am still watcihng, but am sort of waiting for it to end the whole time so that I can either go to bed or watch my dvr'ed Bravo reality shows.

It couldn't make me happier to read how happy you are!

Wonderful post. Those feelings of being lost, drifting, being without an anchor, and that HORRIBLE question of, "When are you getting married," follow me around constantly.

It's nice to hear someone has so seamlessly dodged them.

Marriage is awesome. Plain and simple. Living together is good but there is somehow something a bit better about being married. And I never thought there would be.

THIS is a cute post ...I love being married.

YES! I agree completely with your feelings about marriage! There is this unexplainable shift, and yet on a day to day basis, not much has changed at all.

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