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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Oh goodness, I can totally relate with the accumulated list of items...I'm afraid to clean out most of my closets and "hiding places" for fear of The Pile Of Shyte that will surface.

Also--HOORAY for the week break and HOORAY for the new job!


Sounds terrific! Enjoy your week off!

Oh, my word, your marriage certificate, birth certificate AND passport?! That makes me paranoid FOR you! But, hey, you made like $25 from cleaning out your office, including coffee points! Not bad at all.

A week off between job is a perfect time to get a hair cut. Did you buy your new job prize necklace yet?

Oh god, would I love a week long vacation right now. Wait... I have one in two weeks. Whoop!

I'm excited for you to start a new job; hopefully one with a boss who knows how to use email.

You can really never have too many napkins. Ask my glove compartment.

And it's natural to want to disguise your Tylenol stash. Much like you'd want to disguise your Chex Mix in a regular old potato chips bag. That way nobody snags any from you.

All silliness aside, so glad you are enjoying your week off!! Sounds delightful.

RIP week-in-between-jobs-break. But so exciting to start something new!

I felt the same way when I just cleaned out my own desk at work recently. I had no idea why I was even keeping certain things. (Ex, a picture of a news guy that looks like our maintenance guy. A friend had left it on my desk once. Why did I hang on to that???)

Thank you for quoting Hitchhiker's! IMMD!

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